Bird’s Eye & CCD night


Yesterday was a good day for culture in my hometown Diepenbeek.

Film clubs Bird’s Eye and CCD organized a showing and played their new movies for the first time to an audience. Big day for me as well, since I did theree of the soundtracks of the films Bird’s Eye (the younglings) showed.

The first one being I.V.F. This was a school project my girlfriend, Hannelore, had to do in film school last year. They were told to do something with the subject of “indignation” and she came up with an idea in which all I.V.F. children were hunted down and killed. She has quite the knack for dark stuff :)

The soundtrack for this one is one of my earlier soundtracks back when I didn’t have a great orchestral sound bank yet. Still, I’m pretty pleased with the result. Check it out:

The second film with my soundtrack on it was called Ergens Nergens. This was a special one for me as it wasn’t for my girlfriend this time but for two close friends of mine. It has to be the stressiest one I’ve done as well though, as time between delivering and the showing yesterday was about 36 hours. In the end, the movie was a hit so I’m definitely happy with the end result.

The film is a about a little boy having to deal with the loss of his best friend and finding a way to do this.

Below is an audio link to my sound cloud. Hoping they’ll put their movie online someday though as the effect comes across much better with the video. If they do, I’ll let you know ;)

Last but not least, Hannelore’s film Audrey Le Jeune was showed. I posted about this soundtrack in my first blogpost already and I’m now proud to say that this one also did very well.

Here’s the audio links again:

To end this post, I want to give a last big up to the creators of the films Hannelore, Steve & Thomas and especially for trusting me with their ‘babies’. I think we smashed it and some more quality stuff will be coming in the future.

Fan up for Bird’s Eye right here

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