Portrait of a Ballerina

Still from "Portrait of a Ballerina"

This is a very short little soundtrack to another school assignment of my girlfriend. She had to make a portrait of someone and she picked one of her best friends to do some ballet. Maybe someday the movie will appear online too ;) Until then, here’s the sound:

After posting this tune on soundcloud last week, something pretty special happened. Someone (who will remain anonymous ofcourse) had sent me a private message on soundcloud asking for the mp3. The message went as follows:

Hello Sir Willem

I just heard your “Portrait” right now and i’m moved to tears.

do you think its possible to get the audio in wav? i would like to play this really special artwork at the funeral of my grandpa in 2 weeks.

thank you for reading this message

best regards

It’s been some time since I uploaded something. I have loads of stuff laying around at the moment but which just isn’t ready or suited for uploading yet.

Expect more music soon.