Musical & Drama

La Femme Fatale (2022)


In the spring of 2019, creator Hubert Schoenmaekers asked me to play a leading role in his musical La Femme Fatale. When it became clear he didn’t have a composer yet, I jumped at the chance to prove my worth and make my life long dream come true.

Three years later (mainly due to covid-19) we will finally perform this grand project in a theatre tour spanning multiple locations in Belgium.

2022 dates:
– 16/9, 17/9, 18/9, 14/10 | De Kimpel (Bilzen)
– 01/10 | CC Mol (Mol)
– 08/10 | Casino (Houthalen-Helchteren)
– 15/10 | De Zeepziederij (Bree)
– 21/10 | CC Lanaken (Lanaken)
– 30/10 | De Velinx (Tongeren)
– 5/11, 6/11 | C-Mine (Genk)

2023 dates:
– 20/1 | De Zeepziederij (Bree)
– 22/1 | C-Mine (Genk)

Video for the duet Vlieger Van Papier, a song about a young couple fantasizing about their unborn child. Performed by Maarten Cox & Ute Seymens.
A collection of rehearsal shots on an instrumental song Ta Chambre.

Het Dautenmannetje (2021)


During the fall of 2020 – a.k.a. lockdown – I went on many solo and family walks. The surroundings and nature made for quite the inspiration and I started working on a location-based fairy tale.

After finishing the text, I recorded my voice and composed original background music. I then took the story to the town council and they agreed to collaborate, helping me find and fincance the rest of the plan.

For the visual aspect, we approached the very talented David Vandecan (Linkerpoot), who did a terrific job in sculpting the main characters and bringing them to life even more. Also an important player in the creation of this project was my girlfriend Sarah Spranghers, who gave voice to the female characters in the story. Next, my good friend Steve Bottelbergs developed a wonderful app and “Het Dautenmannetje” went live in the spring of 2021.

Currently, there are plans for another story on a different location within the same fairy tale universe. More on that in the future!

“Het Dautenmannetje” announcement trailer. Drone shots by Arno Leroy.

Short film

– Deus Ex Machina (trailer)
– Ergens Nergens (Somewhere, Nowhere) (video)
– Audrey LeJeune (audio stream)
– Anna Pavlova (video)