About Me



I’m Willem and I’ve always loved making and playing all sorts of music.

My enthusiasm started with my dad, owner of a Roland Arranger Keyboard and a Hammond organ, showing me at a very young age that music doesn’t only come out of a radio. I used to spend hours playing little songs and easy melodies on the keyboard and browsing through the various sounds.

At the age of 7, I took up general music theory and one year later I picked the Organ as my main instrument, mainly because it was described as being the “Mother of all Instruments” (how cool is that?!). During my 9-year organ training, I explored other genres and got into the band life for some time, playing in a number of rock and cover bands.

At the start of 2007, I started my first electronic solo project: Modek. As Modek, I got to remix some of my personal heroes like Etienne de Crécy and Zombie Nation as well as some of the big names in the electronic scene (e.g. Netsky, Porter Robinson, Make The Girl Dance). In 2012, I got recruited by the green Dr. Lektroluv, asking me to join the Lektroluv Records label and thus helping me achieve one of my initial goals. After tours all over Europe, Asia and Australia the Modek project is currently on hold.

Present day, I love making music for (short) films and commercial use. As it is a great way to broaden my horizons and experiment with different sounds and genres. Ranging from full on electronic tracks to bombastic orchestral works and every hybrid in between.

Curious as to how that might sound?
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